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Spooky Nintendo Switch & Steam Games for Fall

Updated: Sep 12

Starting in late August or early September, I'll be starting in on my Halloween video game list. Playing spooky games is such a fun way to celebrate spooky season, either alone or with your partner or friends. The feeling of being cozy under your favorite blanket with the window open, candles going, with a hot drink next to you while you play a spooky game, is unbeatable.

Below is my list of spooky games to play during Fall. If you want to play these Steam or Xbox games but don't have a computer, you can get a handheld computer console off of Amazon to access Steam and Xbox Game Pass!

  • Little Witch in the Woods is an adorable witchy game where you find yourself replacing a village's resident witch. Explore the world, craft potions, and learn more about the town's history. Available on Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Little Witch in the Woods Screenshot
  • Wytchwood is a charming and spooky game set in a hand-painted world of fairy tales and fables. The art style is beautiful and the story is both creepy and very heartfelt! Available on Nintendo Switch E-store and Steam.

Wytchwood Gameplay Screenshot

  • Little Nightmares I and Little Nightmares II definitely lean more towards spooky on the cozy-spooky game spectrum. These two games are on my list for this year because I heard so many recommendations for them. Guide your characters through a dangerous and often scary world in these two puzzle games! Available on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Xbox.

  • Bear and Breakfast is hands down one of my favorite games ever. It's a cozy hotel management game where you play as a bear that's restoring the cabins in your forest to attract tourists. Decorate and manage your cabins and explore the cozy forest as you play through game! This is available on Steam and is releasing for the Nintendo Switch on 9/5/2023.

  • Paranormasight is an anime story-led game based on real Japanese urban legends. If you want to play a game that basically feels like watching a spooky anime, this one is for you. Discover what's behind the curses, murders, and mysteries! Available on Steam and the Nintendo Switch E-store.

  • Alan Wake Remastered and Alan Wake II. The last couple games on this list are veering away from cozy games, but I am so so excited for Alan Wake II to come out in October 2023. Alan Wake is a cult classic adventure-combat game where your greatest weapon is your flashlight in a dark and spooky forest set in the Pacific Northwest. Before the sequel comes out, play Alan Wake Remastered on the Epic Games Store, Xbox, or Playstation!

Alan Wake II
  • Alone in the Dark is a remake of the classic 1992 horror game that's coming in October 2023. Play as private investigator Edward Carnby or his 11 year-old daughter Grace as they investigate a haunted house. Each character will give you a different perspective of the game. This is coming to Steam, Xbox, and Playstation!

Alone in the Dark

These are all the games on my spooky season list! If you have other spooky season game recommendations, please let me know in the comments!

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