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10 Chill Room Designs for Gaming and Reading

Updated: Jul 13

Whether you're using your room for cozy gaming, reading, or just watching Netflix on your laptop, creating a space with chill vibes will turn a basic room into your sanctuary. Decorating your space with ambient light and relaxing colors can actually reduce your cortisol levels and promote better rest.

Below are 10 chill room designs with all the accessories you need for a cozy sanctuary!

Ambient lighting is everything for a cozy gaming or reading room. Try adding ambient light using a sun lamp, a galaxy projector, or a wave projector!

If you want to feel even more like you're under the night sky, you can DIY fluffy thundercloud lights on your ceiling!

If you want something easier to install than cloud lights, try pairing LED light strips with your favorite tapestry and cozy boho comforter:

If you want a brighter, neutral space for reading, invest in a comfy reading chair or day bed for the ultimate spot to read (or nap):

If you want to create a cozy space for gaming or a coffee corner, try adding a custom neon sign that adds both ambient light and a unique touch to your room!

Add a coffee cup neon light above your coffee bar! Create the perfect cozy space by putting a coffee bar in your reading room or office:

If you're a nature lover, decorate your room with vines, dried herbs, string lights, and house plants:

Finally, if your vibe is bright, contemporary art and maximalist decor, pair a gallery wall of bright, colorful art with a checkered and fluffy floor rug!

I hope you enjoyed these 10 chill room designs: sun lamp room, galaxy room, ocean waves room, thundercloud gaming room, boho bedroom, bright reading room, cozy gaming room, cozy coffee corner, nature/sage bedroom, and maximalist bedroom! No matter what your aesthetic is, there are easy and affordable ways to turn a basic room into your perfect sanctuary for reading, gaming, homework, or simply relaxing!

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