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15 Best Cozy Games to Play on the Steam Deck

Updated: 4 days ago

If you love playing cozy games on the Nintendo Switch but are frustrated by the limited access to games, consider investing in a Steam Deck! A Steam Deck gives you access to the entire Steam store, including tons of cozy games that are released by independent developers. Some of my favorite cozy games are cheap, unique games released by first time developers!

If you love the way these cozy games look, click the link to buy your own Steam Deck and start your PC gaming journey! Here are 15 of the best cozy games to play on a Steam Deck:

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is a cozy productivity sim that helps you study, work, or just keep track of habits that you want to build! Customize your character, journal in the game, create a habit tracker, and set timers for different tasks. Your character will discover new spirits while you're working!

Fabledom is an adorable medieval management sim. Start your small medieval town and add farms, mines, and eventually build it into a city. The graphics are what drew me into this cozy management sim. There are plenty of hidden quests and surprise characters that you'll discover as you build your kingdom too!

Little Witch in the Woods is perfect for players who already love games like Stardew Valley or Potion Permit. Forage in the woods and craft potions as you zoom around on your broom. Eventually you'll help the local village rebuild their town and discover those characters' stories as well!

Strange Horticulture is a spooky narrative adventure. As the owner and caretaker of a plant shop, you quickly discover that something isn't right in your village... Gather clues, solve mysteries, and discover new plants for your shop along the way.

Moonstone Island is an open-world RPG that combines farming and crafting with a creature-catching game. If you are like me and love Stardew as well as Pokemon, this game is perfect for you! Travel between islands, clear out dungeons, and discover over 50 unique creatures to collect and add to your farm.

Kynseed is a cozy farming game with a twist. This farming sim was created by the same developer as the wildly popular game Fable and includes many of the same elements as Stardew Valley. Something doesn't seem quite right though...The game reminds me of Midsommar if that gives you a hint.

Tukoni is an adorable and FREE game available on Steam! Solve puzzles and help the forest animals in the world of Tukoni. Discover a beautifully hand-drawn world and collect cards for your traveler's log. The hand-drawn animation style reminds me of the game Wytchwood.

Dinkum is the perfect game for Animal Crossing lovers that want to start PC gaming on a Steam Deck! It's like Animal Crossing...but in Australia, with all kinds of dangerous critters nipping at your ankles. Build the perfect farm, raise critters, and discover the island of Dinkum.

Lakeburg Legacies is a cozy social management sim. Play as the matchmaker for the entire kingdom! Pair couples to create the most effective and productive couples. You'll also balance production, trade, housing and more for your kingdom. Follow your couples for generations to see who will inherit the crown.

Snacko is an adorable early access game where you play as Snacko the cat! Forage, farm, decorate, and rebuild a town from scratch. Similar to other farming games, Snacko has 21 different romanceable characters, over 200 items to craft and decorate with, and over 50 cooking recipes.

Above Snakes is a world-building survival game set in the Wild West! Unleash your creativity and craft a unique world using different biome tiles. Then, set off on your adventure and build your homestead. Gather materials, build bases, and expand your homestead in the Wild West.

In Snufkin, play as the Park Keeper and bring harmony to Moominkin Valley. This game incorporates beautiful watercolor graphics with a musical adventure! Snufkin is a story-driven adventure that brings life to the existing Moomin books.

Loddlenaut is an adorable Steam game with Overwhelmingly Positive reviews! As a diver, you clean up trash and take care of axolotl-like aliens on a foreign planet. If you love purely relaxing games with no combat, this game is for you! Forbes magazine called it "One of the best indie games of 2023."

Spirittea combines two of my greatest obsessions: Studio Ghibli and Stardew Valley. Instead of starting a farm, in this game you restore and run a bathhouse for spirits, just like in Spirited Away. You'll find lots of restless spirits on your island that are bothering the villagers. It turns out all they need is a place to call home!

Enshrouded is one of my favorite games that's come out in the last year! If you look at trailers for the game, it doesn't look very cozy. But Enshrouded has some of the most in-depth base-building I've ever seen in a survival game. Every element for building your home and base has tons of options, and I spent hours just building and decorating the perfect cottage. The game even has farming too! Choose your own adventure in Enshrouded, whether it's a combat-filled adventure or time spent building. I even compared it to a first-person Sims game!

These are just a small list of cozy indie games that are available on Steam. My wishlist on Steam is full of games that are releasing this year, like Cozy Book Shop, Witchbrook, and Fields of Mistria. If you want to start gaming on Steam but don't want to buy an entire PC setup, a Steam Deck is a great handheld option for cozy gaming!

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