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5 Cottagecore Cozy Switch Games

Updated: 4 days ago

Spring and Summer are the perfect months to indulge in a cozy cottagecore game on the Nintendo Switch. To me, a "cottagecore" game has cozy music and graphics, the ability to decorate your space, and includes lots of scenes with nature and animals! Below are 5 cottagecore games for the Nintendo Switch that aren't Stardew Valley or Animal Crossing:

Faefarm is one of the highest-rating cozy games to come out in the last year, boasting 4.6 stars on Amazon. Faefarm combines a cozy farming sim with magic! Customize your home and farm with decorations, raise magic creatures and collect eggs, wool, and more. Learn new spells, build friendships, and discover the lore throughout the realms of Azoria!

Baldo: The Guardian Owls is the perfect game for players who already love Zelda games like Breath of the Wild! Baldo is Studio Ghibli meets Zelda in this open-world adventure. Both the graphics and music give the player a comfy cozy aesthetic as you travel the world to find secret places and defeat powerful enemies!

Forager is the perfect game for players who already love Stardew Valley. The game lets you forage, fish, mine, hunt, dig, farm, gather, and craft. This game has more skills, abilities, and blueprints compared to Stardew, and features 4 dungeons with powerful bosses to defeat and save your village!

Cozy Grove is a combination of cozy and spooky. As a Spirit Scout, you're tasked with caring for the ghosts on the island. Unlock new quests every day, plant trees, and care for spirit animals! Quest rewards and items in the shop are procedurally generated, so every new playthrough will offer a new experience and new decorations to use!

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is the latest installment of the Story of Seasons franchise. The diverse character creator includes non-binary pronouns and there are 8 candidates to consider marrying and starting your own life. Use greenhouses and farms to grow your crops, and breed goats and sheep! Build your farm, your home, and your family however you choose!

There are more cozy cottagecore games coming out for the Nintendo Switch every year! If there's one you love that isn't listed here, leave a comment and let me know to try it!

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