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14 Cozy Granola Girl Outfit Ideas

Updated: Sep 13

If you want to pick up some new staples for your Fall wardrobe, but want to stick to a budget, Amazon is the first place that comes to mind. Fall outfits are all about putting on cozy layers, finally wearing our favorite Fall colors, and for granola girls, putting together outfits that are perfect for hiking, bonfires, and all our favorite fall rituals. Below are my favorite Amazon granola girl outfit picks!

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Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with Amazon and I'll earn a small commission on purchases at no additional cost to you.

  • Pair a vintage earth-toned flannel with a floral print bandana. Bandana hairstyles are perfect for warmer Fall days while you're apple picking or having a picnic! And there's nothing that says Fall more than an oversized flannel. I love styling earth tones for granola girl outfits, and these oversized flannels will be perfect for chilly Fall days!

  • Pair dungarees with a cozy sweater and boots. Overalls are a versatile outfit that you can wear shopping, walking around the park admiring Fall foliage, carving pumpkins, or making s'mores by a bonfire at night! If you have dungarees you paired with a tank or t-shirt during the summer for farmer's markets, you can use them during the Fall by layering a cozy sweater underneath.

Blundstone Boots are versatile boots that you can wear on or off the trail. These boots are perfect for walking around a pumpkin patch, walking an easy trail, and taking Fall pictures! These Blundstone BL566 are 100% leather with heel shock protection.

  • Pair hiking pants with a thick pullover and a beanie for cold, windy hikes! Fall is the BEST time for hiking. There's nothing better than enjoying a hike under yellow and orange leaves and not sweating through your clothes. I bring a camping stove to make coffee and hot chocolate to make my cold hikes even cozier!

  • During the cold and rainy weather, a good windbreaker is a must for Fall outfits. This Columbia Trail Jacket is a padded rain jacket that's warm enough for anything Fall weather can throw at you!

  • An oversized corduroy jacket is also a great Fall accessory for shopping, bonfires, and hiking. My favorite Fall outfit is layering a thick, striped sweater under an oversized jacket!

  • Lastly, you need a bag to carry around all your essentials while you're at the pumpkin patch, apple picking, and browsing cozy coffee shops. This vintage messenger bag will match all your new Fall outfits, and is big enough to carry your wallet, Kindle, and Fall accessories while you're out!

If you have other ideas for cozy granola girl Fall outfits, let me know in the comments! I've been hiking for almost 10 years, and I love that the granola girl aesthetic combines practical walking outfits with cute Fall trends!

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