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Top 8 Sustainable Granola Girl Brands for Summer

If you identify as a granola girl already or want to embrace the granola girl aesthetic in an effort to be more environmentally conscious, you'll probably want to express your style in the way that you dress! The granola girl aesthetic is more than hiking and camping, it's dedicating your life to leaving Earth better than the way you found it.

In a world of fast fashion, it can be hard to find clothing brands that are sustainable and give back to communities. Below are 12 granola girl brands and outfit ideas to dress like a granola girl this summer!

Cotopaxi makes the viral colorful packs that you've seen on social media this year. They also support sustainable poverty relief through their foundation! Add a new durable bag or packing set to brighten up your wardrobe and support poverty relief.

Symbiosis Supply Co. is a granola girl brand that makes durable shirts and sweatshirts in vintage designs of your favorite national parks. Save money, resources, and labor by buying higher quality clothes that will last for years! Buy a vintage shirt or crewneck sweater a couple sizes too big for a cute, oversized look!

Teva is one of my favorite granola girl brands for footwear! Not only do they have comfy sandals, hiking sandals, and boots in all different shapes and colors, Teva also has multiple sustainability programs. Their sandals save water, use recycled material, and can be given to communities in need when you're done with them!

Smartwool is a sustainable granola girl brand where you can get all your basics for hiking and layering and feel good about it too. Smartwool uses low-impact materials like recycled materials, has published a biodiversity protection policy, and produces high quality products that will last you years of hiking!

Mountain Hardwear is a granola girl brand where you can find everything you need for any occasion: hiking outfits, skirts and dresses, and camping and hiking gear! Mountain Hardwear partners with multiple non-profits including the American Alpine Club, Leave No Trace, the Skin Cancer Foundation, and Brown Girls Climb.

Darn Tough is the only sock brand you'll ever need. Their socks come with a lifetime guarantee. I have multiple pairs of their hiking socks, and I haven't had any holes after hundreds of miles of hiking! Darn Tough socks are made in the USA and will be the last socks you ever buy.

Columbia is one of the largest outdoor brands in the world, and they make clothes for all seasons and for all occasions. If you're looking for a sustainable brand for some nicer occasions, try wearing a Columbia maxi dress to your next brunch! Columbia is committed to empowering women in the workplace, bringing clean water to developing countries, and publish their sustainability reports online.

Pact is rightfully branded as "earth's favorite clothing!" Pact trademarked their own organic cotton that's processed with less water, saving thousands of gallons of water a year. Their clothes are also made using no toxic chemicals, making this brand great for people with sensitive skin. Pact has everything from intimates to leggings to dresses!

Whether you're looking for leggings and bras to hike in, intimates to lay around the house in, or athletic dresses and skirts for Sunday brunch, it is possible to get all your clothes from a sustainable brand! These granola girl brands are dedicated to making the world a better place, and you can feel good shopping from them since you'll save money in the long run!

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