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My Indiana Hiking Bucket List

Updated: Jun 20

As a hiking blogger, you might think I've seen everything there is to see in Indiana. But that couldn't be farther from the truth! Here is my personal need-to-hike list in Indiana:

  • Portland Arch Nature Preserve. Portland Arch is the ONLY naturally occurring stone arch in Indiana. This 1.0-mile trail is tucked away near Covington, Indiana.

  • Amy Weingartner Branigin Peninsula Preserve. This 1.1-mile gravel trail leads to a hidden beach on Monroe Lake near Bloomington, Indiana. Monroe Lake is one of the biggest lakes in the state with some of the clearest water. The website notes that this beach is closed on weekends and holidays to protect the area of overuse and erosion. But the beach is open for swimming if you can make it there on a weekday!

  • Hemlock Cliffs Trail in Hoosier National Forest. This 1.0-mile trail leads you down into a box canyon. This relatively short hike features sandstone, overhangs, cliffs, rock shelters, and ravines. This area is in the southern part of Hoosier National Forest near Marengo Caves.

  • Charlestown State Park. All of the trails at this state park near Louisville, Kentucky are between 1 and 3 miles long. The main attraction at this state park is an abandoned amusement park called Rose Island that was operated between 1920 and 1937!

  • Shrader-Weaver Woods outside of Connersville, Indiana is one of the few old-growth forests left. This 2-mile hike winds through some of the oldest trees in Indiana.

  • Haunted Hike! - Three Lakes Trail in Morgan-Monroe State Forest. This 9.5-mile loop trail near Martinsville, Indiana includes a stop at what's been called the most haunted cemetery in Indiana - Stepp Cemetary.

  • Indiana Dunes National Park. I haven't been to Indiana Dunes since it was designated as a National Park. This park is another great location for swimming, as well as hiking the dunes and kayaking on the Lake Michigan Water Trail! The Three Dunes Challenge is a 1.5-mile trail that summits the 3 tallest sand dunes in the park.

These are seven trails that I hope to see in the Summer and F

all of 2023! If you think I should plan group hiking events for these, let me know on Instagram @sarahscozylife! If you're just getting started with hiking this season, check out my summer essentials gear list below!

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