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23 Desk Accessories for the Ultimate Cute Gaming Setup

Updated: Jun 20

I've fully embraced that I'm a nerdy, introverted PC gamer that only hangs out with my boyfriend and my cats. And since I work from home, my computer desk also doubles as my workstation, and having a cozy, aesthetic vibe really is even more important.

Having a desk that appeals to me really does motivate me to work on lazy days! If you're also looking for a cozy gaming or WFH desk setup, recreate my setup below with these desk accessories:

I mounted these light bars to the back of my monitors for ambient light! I wanted a cheaper dupe of the Samsung light bars and these did not disappoint. They connect to an app on your phone that allows you to change the brightness and color of each light section.

If you work from home, use a sunrise alarm clock like the Hatch Restore 2 or this Sunrise alarm clock to have a taste of sun at your desk! Natural light has proven to help with sleep issues and productivity.

I added more ambient light using Nanoleaf light panels on the wall. They also sync to an app on your phone. I love the reactive panels that react to touch, and I can create specific moods like rain or leaves falling! I have the 8-pack of hexagon panels, but they also come in triangle, square, and woodgrain.

Finally for light, I have a mushroom lamp on my desk. I've had this mushroom lamp for almost 3 years and it works as well as it did on day 1!

Here are some other options that you might like depending on the aesthetic of your desk setup:

If you have a PC setup or want to listen to podcasts or music while working from home, you'll also need speakers. I have a surround sound system for my PC, but a pair of bluetooth speakers will work just as well!

I have a dark green desk mat that adds to my green/nature desk aesthetic. This XXL mousepad comes in 33 different colors that will add a pop of color to any desk!

I personally have two keyboards at my desk, a mechanical keyboard for gaming and a wireless keyboard connected to my work laptop. If you play competitive games like Valorant or Apex, having a wired keyboard is really important. But if you are wanting to use a keyboard mostly for work and/or cozy gaming, a wireless keyboard will be all you need! These are the keyboards that I have at my desk:

Finally, to complete my dark green nature aesthetic, I have a tapestry and fake vines hanging on the wall behind my monitors:

Next to my Nanoleaf Panels, I also have posters from my favorite Studio Ghibli movie, Princess Mononoke. I hope to add more vintage posters to give my setup an even cozier feel!

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