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8 Outdoor Spring Activities for the Entire Family

Updated: 5 days ago

If one of your 2024 resolutions is to unplug and spend more time in nature this year, this list is for you! There's no question that hiking is on trend. Although more influencers are embracing a slow living lifestyle, the most well-known outdoor influencers are those who seemingly have no responsibilities, are able to renovate a van and hike their way across the United States.

That may be doable for some, but that's not an achievable lifestyle for the majority of nature lovers who may have children, work responsibilities, or physical limitations. Even though I love packing up for the day and going for a long hike, there are times I want to spend time outside in a more relaxing way. Below are 8 outdoor activities to make the most of Spring besides hiking:

  • Gardening is one of the easiest ways to connect to nature, and you can become a gardener whether you live in a house with a yard, an apartment, or even a dorm room! If you want to start before Spring is in full swing, you can start by germinating seeds that you can move to a pot or garden bed in 6-8 weeks.

If you want to start gardening now and germinate seeds, you can get a germination tray that includes a plant grow light for as little as $25! If you think you can't grow vegetables in an apartment or dorm room, do research on crops that can be grown in pots. Tomatoes, lettuce, and even broccoli can be grown in 12-inch pots. Germinating seeds to start your garden can save money during the summer.

If you're a new homeowner or want to start using your yard to garden, save money by germinating seeds and either building garden boxes from plywood, or use these inexpensive galvanized metal planter boxes to easily create a raised garden bed. Whether you have an entire yard to work with or just a few windowsills, gardening is a great way to connect to nature!

  • Picnics are another way to get outside more this Spring, and double as an inexpensive date or family get-together. Romanticize your picnic experience by getting a picnic basket and blanket!

  • A third way to spend more time outside this Spring is to spend time outside reading in a hammock. Hammocks can be strung up in your yard or in any public park for a relaxing afternoon! If you don't have trees spaced out in the right way in your yard or on campus, try taking your hammock and a good book to a local state park!

  • If one of your goals for 2024 is to tap into your creative side, consider trying to paint outside this Spring! You can bring watercolors to one of your favorite parks to paint during a picnic or take an easel to a state park to paint while you take in your surroundings. Try painting something as simple as the scenery in your backyard to get a fresh perspective on your everyday life.

  • Riding bikes is a great Spring activity to get more exercise outside, especially while the hiking trails are muddy from rain. If you don't own a bicycle, many towns and cities have bike rentals! Spend a sunny Spring afternoon renting a bike in a city you've been wanting to visit.

  • Another way to spend time outside this Spring is to try an outdoor exercise class. Lots of cities offer free outdoor yoga classes at city parks. If you find there aren't outdoor classes near you, you can always take your yoga mat to a local park! If you already love yoga, consider spending a weekend traveling to a yoga festival - see Yoga Journal's article 11 Yoga Festivals You Need to Know About.

  • "Creeking." If you grew up in the Midwest, there's a high chance you already know what the term "creeking" means. A simple way to spend time outdoors this Spring could mean driving to a local creek or swimming hole to sit with your feet in the water, look for rocks and fossils, or walk along the bank.

  • My final recommendation is to visit a conservatory or butterfly garden. If Spring arrives late for you, this could be a great way to connect to nature at the beginning of the year. A trip to a greenhouse or conservatory makes for a great day trip!

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