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8 Cozy Indoor Activities to Beat the Winter Blues

Updated: Jul 10

Finding indoor activities to keep the winter blues at bay can be a struggle. Whether you're a parent looking for indoor activities for kids, or an adult looking for a new cozy hobby, there are a bunch of indoor activities to enjoy during the winter!

Plan indoor dates for you and your significant other, self-care nights with your mom, best friend, or simply to relax by yourself. Below are 8 cozy indoor activities to try on a rainy day or during the long winter months!

Start a gratitude journal. Practicing gratitude and mindfulness is a great activity for self-care that you can start this winter! The Monk Manual is a 90-day planner that includes gratitude, reflection, and goal check-ins every day so you can build mindfulness and productivity at the same time! Take 10% off your first order with the code sarahscozylife!

Putting together a care package for myself has been an excellent practice in self-care. I've been slowly picking up gifts and activities for myself during the summer, and it's made me value myself more. We're so quick to put together a care package for people we love, and often forget to include ourselves on that list.

Include some bath bombs and face masks to relax when the winter blues are feeling extra heavy. In my opinion, no care package is complete with bath bombs. Finding activities to do in the winter is important, but treating yourself to a relaxing bath is important too!

Build a LEGO set, either by yourself or with a friend/significant other. This is the first year that I've tried building LEGO sets. I didn't realize how many cute, witchy LEGO sets were out there! Even though I don't play Minecraft, I picked up the LEGO Minecraft Mushroom House set and had so much fun building it! Even the cows are mushrooms! They're MOOshrooms. It's adorable.

Put together a puzzle while you listen to a podcast or an audiobook. This is going to be the perfect activity for a snowed-in weekend! I found some very cool cryptid puzzles on Amazon called the Legends of the National Parks. They have Bigfoot, the Wendigo, and the Chupacabra! No matter what your interest is, there's a puzzle out there for it. If cryptids aren't your vibe, there are puzzles with vintage National Park posters, cozy log cabins, and other cottagecore ideas!

Try painting this winter, whether it's acrylic paints, watercolor, or a paint-by-numbers set. Painting is a super relaxing and cozy hobby to try this winter. And if you're worried you're not creative enough to think of anything to paint, there are TONS of paint-by-numbers sets you can try!

Try an adult coloring book this winter! If you would rather get creative with colored pencils instead of paint, there are coloring books for every interest online.

Plan to bake something on a cold winter day! There are multiple baking kits you can buy now that will still be good when you pull one out on a boring winter day, like this Focaccia Art Kit!

Buy a Kindle and start reading! Kindles are perfect because you can read without needing a light source. Read your next favorite book nestled in bed on a cold winter night. You can use a page-turning remote so you don't even need to expose your hands to the cold!

Whether it's a boring rainy day or the long, dark months of winter, it's important to have cozy indoor activities to keep yourself or your kids entertained! Have a cozy hobby is great for your mental health, and will help you appreciate all the down time that winter provides!

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