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6 Unforgettable Fall Foliage Midwest Hikes

If you live in Indiana or Michigan, this hiking bucket list is for you. It's almost time for Fall foliage hikes, and I've spent almost a decade trying to find the perfect fall foliage hike. From popular, nationally known backpacking trails to hidden trails not even on AllTrails, I've hiked them all. Below is my list of the best trails in Indiana and Michigan to hike during peak fall foliage season!

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Manistee River Trail

Mackinac Island Outer Loop: This 8-mile trail will show you everything there is to see on Mackinac Island. If you're lucky enough to be on the island in September or October, you will have an unforgettable, Gilmore-Girls-esque experience of a small town in the Fall.

Manistee River Trail: This 20-mile trail is a very popular trail for beginner backpackers. I went in October to do a 7-mile length for a day-hike and was surrounded by beautiful

Nichols North Recreation Area

fall foliage and vistas of the river the entire time.

Leaf Lake and Condon Lake: This 8-mile trail is a portion of the North Country Trail, tucked away in the middle of Nichols North Recreation Area. I only saw one hiker the Fall morning I came here, a thru-hiker on the NCT.


The Peninsula Trail: This 10-mile trail in

The Peninsula Trail

Charles C. Deam Wilderness Area is my favorite hike in my home state. It's the most popular hike in Hoosier National Forest and for a good reason. If you are just starting endurance hiking, this flat and straightforward trail is a perfect goal for you.

Sycamore Loop Trail: This 8-mile trail is also in Hoosier National Forest and has some of the best fall foliage I've ever seen. Instead of golden canopies, the entire trail was deep orange, and even led to an old cemetery.

Sycamore Loop Trail

This trail is much more secluded than the Peninsula Trail, and it's important to be aware of your surroundings and of hunters during hunting season.

Hell's Point Challenge: This 10-mile trail at Pokagon State Park is called Hell's Point Challenge for a good reason. It's a long and challenging hike that covers the entire state park. This state park in northern Indiana is the perfect destination for Fall foliage in early October. Despite the name, the hike was a relaxing day taking in all the fall leaves surrounding me.

If you try any of these fall foliage hikes, let me know in the comments! Happy spooky season and happy hiking :)


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