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15 Cozy Ways to Celebrate Summerween

Updated: 5 days ago

If your vibe this year is "practical magic summer," you're not alone! Instead of waiting for Fall to live out your witchy dreams, bring a practical magic aesthetic to your home this summer by thrifting vintage candlesticks, baking treats with fresh fruit, having bonfires, and letting apple-scented candles waft through the kitchen.

Below are 15 ways to celebrate all things spooky and have a cozy Summerween without spoiling the magic that October brings:

Decorate your home with vintage candlestick holders and candles. Vintage candleholders and tall tapered candles will give your kitchen that "practical magic" vibe! Here are some ideas:

Light apple, coffee, and maple-scented candles. Although pumpkin is always associated with Fall, apple is a scent that is associated with late summer as well as autumn. Although coffee and maple aren't scents associated with Fall, I still associate them with the cozy feeling that Fall brings!

Bake treats with fresh fruit from the farmer's market. Let your creativity shine and use fresh fruit to bake strawberry rolls, blueberry muffins, and banana bread. Who says you have to wait until October to start baking pumpkin scones?

Go "code orange" hunting. Stock up on Halloween decorations early by "code orange" hunting. Some stores, like Joann's, will celebrate Summerween by putting out Halloween decorations in June and July! While you save orange for October, decorate your house with summer colors, like these green pumpkins.

Make chai lattes at home. Have a practical magic summer by sipping a chai tea latte (or dirty chai for me) while reading a cozy book! Save money at the coffee shop by making chai drinks at home.

Read summer slasher books! If you want to save dark, witchy, books for when there's a chill in the air, read summer slasher novels. Here are some top-rated horror books set in the summer:

"I Know What You Did Last Summer meets The Haunting of Hill House in this “psychologically chilling and unforgettable” (Kirkus Reviews) teen thriller following an estranged group of friends being haunted by their friend who died last summer."

"Four teens fight to outsmart a killer who intends to avenge a young boy's death in this suspenseful thriller that inspired the classic horror film."

"Named a most-anticipated summer book by USA Today, People, E! News, Cosmopolitan, PureWow,, New York Post, CrimeReads, POPSUGAR, and more"

Watch summer slasher movies! Have a spooky movie night and watch some classic horror movies.

Have a cozy picnic with Summerween-themed snacks! Picnics are perfect for a cozy afternoon in the Summer as well as the Fall. Try using these fall-themed pie shapers to bake the perfect treats for a Summerween picnic!

Listen to a spooky podcast. I listen to spooky podcasts all year round because I love all things paranormal. Try listening to the Dark Paranomal, Unexplained, The Strange and Unusual Podcast, And That's Why We Drink, and Heart Starts Pounding!

Go on a haunted tour. If you didn't know already, local historical societies do ghost-walks year-round, not just around Halloween! They just tend to be more popular in the Fall for obvious reasons. Research local ghost walks and overnight ghost hunts near you!

Carve watermelon jack-o-lanterns. Carving watermelons is fun and cheap idea for a Summerween picnic or party!

Host a Summerween party! If you have like-minded spooky friends, throw a Summerween party to count down the days to Halloween!

Visit an oddities and curiosities festival. More cities are hosting oddities and curiosities expos every year! Research local oddities shops and show your support for spooky businesses!

Have a backyard bonfire and make s'mores. Backyard bonfires are perfect for Summer as well as Fall. Make s'mores and tell ghost stories around a fire right at home! This portable fire pit makes bonfires at home simple and inexpensive.

Thrift for haunted antiques! Thrift shopping is the perfect summer activity to add a spooky twist to. Thrift for old, haunted antiques and decide if you're brave enough to take them home.

I hope you loved this list of cozy and inexpensive ways to have a spooky summer this year! If you have other ideas on how to celebrate Summerween, comment and let me know! You might enjoy these other posts from Sarah's Cozy Life:

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