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11 Must-Haves for a Cozy Tent Camping Trip

Updated: 5 days ago

If you still dread tent camping as a weekend sleeping on the cold wet ground, this list is for you! Tent camping makes for the perfect weekend to unplug with your partner, family, or friends. Make your camping experience cozy with these 11 tent accessories:

Light your tent and charge your phones at the same time with this lantern power hub:

Cast a cozy light on your tent and campsite with this 2-pack of USB-powered string lights:

Instead of bringing thin sleeping bags or an air mattress that loses air throughout the night, bring a floor mattress for a better night's sleep.

During the Spring, nights spent in a tent can be uncomfortably cold. Bring this tent-safe heater for a cozy night!

Bring a waterproof picnic blanket to keep you warm and dry inside and outside the tent:

Instead of tracking dirt into your tent, bring a scrub mat to keep your shoes on:

For extra privacy and space, bring a tent with a vestibule. A vestibule brings extra space outside the main tent compartment where you can change or leave your shoes and adds an extra privacy screen.

Instead of living out of your bag, bring a hanging organizer to organize your toiletries and other tools:

Bring a spare bed sheet and a mini projector for movie night inside your tent:

Along with movies, bring board games to pass the time in your tent! Here are some of my favorite board games you can play with as few as 2 people:

Finally, make sure to bring a ton of cozy pillows and blankets to make your tent feel cozy and warm!

I hope you enjoyed these 11 tent must-haves for a cozy camping trip! Since you love the outdoors, check out these other articles from Sarah's Cozy Life:


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