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10 Cozy at Home Summer Bucket List Ideas

Updated: 5 days ago

Here is your cozy, cottagecore, stay-at-home summer bucket list! In 2024 we're romanticizing saving money, staying home, loving what we already have, and making home the place where we want to spend our time. When Spring and Summer hits, it can be easy to feel like everyone is planning vacations. But if your plan for this year is to save money, maybe pay off some debt, and stay close to home, here are 10 bucket list ideas to make this summer at home the best one yet!

Plant a garden. "Planting a garden" can be interpreted liberally. Depending on where you live, gardening might mean investing in a galvanized metal tub and tomato cages for fresh summer vegetables, or it could mean buying some planters for a window ledge in your apartment. Whether you have a lot or a little space to work with, gardening is a great way to appreciate the summer heat and sun at home!

Visit a farmer's market. Farmer's markets are becoming a trendy way to practice some self-care during the summer. Buying yourself flowers and ingredients for a fresh home-cooked meal is a romantic way to fill a Saturday, whether it's with a friend or by yourself! You can also drive to neighboring towns to bring some diversity to your weekends!

Have a bonfire and s'mores. If you have a backyard but don't have a fire pit yet, what are you waiting for? Fire pits are relatively cheap and easy to assemble and make a perfect excuse to spend nights outside making s'mores! If you don't have a backyard, plan a camping trip at a nearby park to spend the night by a fire with friends.

See a movie at the drive-in. Most towns have a vintage drive-in movie theater that shows classics during the Summer and Fall! Drive-in theaters are the perfect summer date night idea or date with friends!

Go for a hike. No matter where you live, there's a nature park or nature preserve near you! Spend time outside going for a walk or hike. Most states have hiking challenges at their state parks that could land some stickers, gear or other prizes!

Go berry picking. When we think of local farms, we normally fast forward to apple picking in the Fall. A lot of farms offer events in the summer as well! Search for berry picking near you and think of some summer dessert ideas to use them for afterwards!

Have a dinner picnic. Picnics during the summer are a super cute and affordable way to spend time with your partner or friends. Dress up your picnic with a cute picnic basket, blanket, tapered candles and wine for a romantic dinner!

Search for free summer events. Whether you live in a major city or small town, odds are there will be summer events near you! These could be food festivals, free summer concerts or art fairs. Spend time exploring your city this summer.

Try new recipes. Summer is one of my favorite seasons to cook at home because it's so easy to get fresh ingredients from farmer's markets, local farms, or your own garden. Experiment with new summer recipes at home to nourish your body and soul!

Go thrift shopping. If you want to spend the longer afternoons shopping but don't want to break the bank, spend time driving to nearby towns and thrift shopping! Small towns have the best thrift stores, and it's easy to find discounted clothes or unique pieces for your home. Try searching for unique candle holders, vintage kitchen decorations, and old books to give your home a summer cottage feel!

These are only a few of the things you can do this summer while staying at home, saving money, and making your home your favorite place to be!

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